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Talk with a professional counselor in Japan

Online counseling for anyone, anytime, anywhere in Japan.

All counselors are certified, multilingual and cross-culturally competent professionals.
Find your primary counselor and start feeling better.

About us

Are you ready to do something different with your life? 


mHealth Japan is the online service of the Japanese Telecounseling Association (JTA). JTA is the professional society of certified public psychologist (Koninshinrishi) specializing in telecounseling and eHealth in Japan.

If you are an English-speaking resident or a temporary visitor in Japan, you can easily seek counseling with your smartphone, tablet or PC from JTA counselors.


  • Flexible

    Find one of the reliable counselors offering video chat counseling services. You can also choose the time and frequency of the sessions.


  • Cross-cultural
    All counselors are multilingual certified public psychologists with vast experience in helping Japanese and non-Japanese clients, especially Assistant Language Teachers in  Japan.


  • Economical
    Seek the online counseling service via an online payment at your favorite place. You can save the effort, time and money to visit the counselor's office.  

About us

Quick appointment 

mHealth Japan can not provide emergency care, as our counselors are only available for scheduled sessions. This is the service for residents of Japan. If you are in crisis or outside Japan, please contact rescue/ambulance, police, or any hospital that provides emergency care in your local area immediately.

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